Motion Guide

First read Kenneth Lavrsen's Motion Guide.
Not really an FAQ...

Some answered questions

How do I use my Axis Network Camera with motion?
netcam_url returns only ONE single image.

For Motion you should point the netcam_url to or or
Is it possible to have recording enabled only during a specified timeframe ?
Let cron start and stop motion detection using the XML-RPC interface and the program motion-control.
motion-control detection pause [threadnr]
motion-control detection resume [threadnr]
Can Motion conduct motion detection without having to record any picture or mpg file
Yes, motion can run without recording images.
Just set "output_normal no" in the config file.
For snapshots, use "snapshots 10" and snapshot_overwrite in the config file to create a new snapshot every 10 seconds, overwriting the previous one.

Ideas for Stable Motion

Ideas for Experimental Motion